About Us

Designer Bums Modern Cloth Nappies was founded in 2010 in Melbourne and were originally sewn at home! Due to huge demand our products are now ethically manufactured with premium materials sourced both locally & overseas. Australian owned and designed we are all about protecting the environment, and our babies bottoms. That's why our nappies are reusable, environmentally friendly and made only with the best quality materials that are breathable and kind to sensitive skin.  Designer Bums nappies work just like disposables, only they are better for baby and come in a range of fun and stylish limited edition designs!

Designer Bums launched a range of PUL Outer All In Two (AI2) style nappies this January called ART POP and they have become a fan favourite for a few reasons! ART POP is a snap in Al2 style with customisable boosting options.  The inserts are made with super thirsty, custom-milled bamboo fleece that includes a smaller rectangular booster that snaps in plus a large anchor shaped booster, both topped with stay-dry suedecloth. These nappies boast huge absorbency and dry periods, with the ability to be boosted for night use. Aside from the great quality trim fit and premium materials, ART POP features unique hand-painted artist prints that are limited edition!

Designer Bums Cotton Nappies are Limited Edition Nappies made with premium 100% cotton outers and silky soft suede cloth lining which is a one-way fabric allowing liquid to pass through and be drawn away, keeping baby's skin dry and comfortable. The hidden PUL (polyurethane laminate) layer keeps moisture from leaking through so you don't need an extra cover.

Natural fibres such as bamboo are super absorbent and gentle on babies, making them perfect for nappies. Our cotton outer nappies are recommended for daytime use and are ideal for 2-4 hours, PUL Nappies can be used for longer stretches such as night-time use.

Our One Size Fits Most (OSFM) nappies are designed to fit babies from approx 3.5kg all the way through to toilet training (15-18+kgs) depending on the body shape of the individual. For a small baby, simply 'snap up' the nappy to the smallest size, adjusting the snaps to enlarge the nappy as baby grows. Lay the inserts on top of the pocket with the large insert folded over the small OR stuff the pocket of the nappy with insert/s and fasten to baby just the same as you would a disposable. All set!

Did you know? One baby wearing disposable nappies full-time, creates on average 1-3 tonnes of landfill per-year before the child is toilet trained. This landfill takes over 500 years to decompose. Not to mention the cost to put a baby in full-time, re-usable cloth nappies is approximately $700 compared to $3000-3500 for 2-3 years in disposables. 

Join the Modern Cloth Nappy movement and save lots of money whilst being kind to the planet for furture generations... one well-dressed Designer Bum at a time!

Please feel free to get in touch for any comments or questions info@designerbums.com.au and follow our mailing list and social mead for regular updates - Love Designer Bums x